Jury Citation for At the Feet of Living Things

Editors: Aparajita Datta, Rohan Arthur, TR Shankar Raman
HarperCollins India

“Conservation is essentially an act of love. A testament to the dedication and passion of a group of scientists to protect the living world around them, At the Feet of Living Things chronicles multiple journeys, varied experiences, and moving self-reflections on what it means to want to conserve biodiversity in a world that is largely indifferent to that conviction. A must read not only if you want to know what it is to be a conservation scientist in India, but also if you’ve ever wondered if science can coexist with love.”


Sindhu Radhakrishna

Professor, National Institute of Advanced Sciences

Radhika Timbadia

Proprietrix, Champaca

Vinatha Vishwanathan

Head, Bal Sahitya, Eklavya Foundation


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