Second Edition – December 2022

18th December 2022

Inaugural Keynote

Prof. Mahesh Rangarajan
author, environmental historian, on the ‘Joys of Writing on the Environment’

Nature in Motion: The Art and Science of Nature Filmmaking

Priya Thuvassery
Filmmaker (Coral Woman)

Arjun Swaminathan
Photographer, Filmmaker

Hope Amidst Gloom: Fresh Perspectives on the Climate Crisis

Masood Mallick
CEO, Re Sustainability

Abi T. Vanak
Interim Director, Centre for Policy Design, ATREE

Our Tigers Return

Peeyush Sekhsaria
Architect and Geographer

Beyond the Camera – People Within the Stories We Film

Aparna Watve
Ecologist and Conservation Scientist

Sejal Mehta
journalist and author

Reading Can Open Doors to Nature

Disha Ravi
Climate Justice Activist, Fridays for Future

Tamanna Sengupta
Member, Fridays for Future

Sriranjini Raman
Member, Fridays for Future