A timeless tribute to water

Sonu opens a tap to fill water in his bucket. But how does water come into our taps? Follow the water as it journeys through the pipes that connect the taps to the lake, river, mountains and finally the sea. Discover what happens at every stage and ponder over how water seeping into the ground joins the sea.

Sea in a Bucket, an Avehi-Abacus story illustrated brilliantly by Deepa Balsavar and published by Eklavya (https://www.eklavya.in) is an exemplary book. At the very least, it is an introduction to the water cycle. However, it also about the centrality of water in our lives and the interconnectedness of things.

It illustrates a broad landscape of how a multitude of lives are dependent on water and the various everyday rituals and livelihoods connected to it. For example, where the river begins in the mountains, we see shepherds with grazing goats, farming, monks and two climbers attempting to scale the mountain. The richness of this detail can command an entire discussion on culture and livelihoods in the mountain regions. As such, the book makes for an immersive and educational experience on many topics ranging from habitats to water conservation and pollution.

The text is simple and short, seamlessly blending with the vibrant illustrations and design of the book, which ends with a large folded poster that summarises the story. If there is one Indian picture book on water that you must get for the bookshelf at home or school, your search ends here.

By Aparna Kher