Jury Citation for Grandfather’s Tiger Tales

Author: Anjana Basu
Talking Cub

“The ever-expanding body of children’s literature featuring tigers gets another excellent addition in Grandfather’s Tiger Tales. The three stories in this anthology bring together familiar and unfamiliar narratives – of a tiger that came to a cricket match, of the fearsome tiger god Dakshin Ray of the Sunderbans, and of a tiger and a man sharing a room one stormy night – are bound to appeal to young wildlife enthusiasts. What sets them apart is the old-world charm and gentle cadence of Anjana Basu’s writing that will make readers think about tigers with empathy, without weighing them down with the burden of conservation.”


Vedant Agarwal
Grade 8, Mumbai

Dhwani Nagendra Suri
Grade 10, Bengaluru

Vihaan Srivastava
Grade 8, Hyderabad


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