Birdman of India Salim Ali

Publisher: Hachette India
Author: Zai Whitaker

From being a trigger-happy airgun-toting nine-year-old boy to becoming one of the foremost bird scientists in the world, Sálim Ali did not follow a straight path. Somewhere along his adventures between India, Burma and Europe, he developed such a single-minded zeal for the study of feathered creatures that he spent all his time close to them.

Over the long course of researching bird life, in the days when there were no computers or internet, he wrote the first Indian field guide to birds, using just a notebook and binoculars.

‘Sálim Bhai’ – as he was widely known – had neither wealth nor connections in high places, but his passion for birds, a phenomenal memory and discipline made him one of the most famous ornithologists in the country and beyond.

In Sálim Ali for Children, his grand-niece Zai Whitaker brings to life the inspiring story of this brilliant, quirky man who left behind an incredible legacy.

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