GLF Honour Books (published between 2019 - 2020)

Greenlitfest is happy to announce the process of selection of top 3 green business book authors for 2021.

They were chosen both by popular rating (average of rating from Amazon, FlipKart and GoodReads). After this round, five books that have received top scores are sent to a jury of 3 business/academic leaders.

The three books that get top scores are awarded the GLF Honor Book Award.

GLF announces the top 10 books long list first on the social media, then 5 books shortlist and 3 Final awards.

Here’s the 10 long list.

Atulya Misra_Oxygen Manifesto Pic

Oxygen Manifesto: A Battle for the Environment | Publisher – Rupa Publications


Nine Rupees an Hour: Disappearing Livelihoods of Tamil Nadu | Publisher – Context

Fossil free

Fossil Free: Reimagining Clean Energy in a Carbon-Constrained World | Publisher – HarperCollins

India in a Warming World

India in a Warming World: Integrating Climate Change and Development | Publisher – OUP India

resource wars

Resource Wars: Mapping Global Greed | Publisher – Vitasta Publishing Pvt Ltd


Breathing Here Is Injurious to Your Health: The Human Cost of Air Pollution and How You Can Be the Change | Publisher – HACHETTE INDIA


Do Better With Less: Frugal Innovation for Sustainable Growth | Publisher – Portfolio

Green Banking Practices

Green Banking Practices and its Impact: The Canvas of Banking Industry in India | Publisher – BUUKS

Leap Frogging to Pole Vaulting

Leapfrogging to Pole-vaulting: Creating the Magic of Radical yet Sustainable Transformation | Publisher – India Viking

India's water futures

India’s Water Futures: Emergent Ideas and Pathways | Publisher – Routledge India

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