Jury Citation for Superpowers on the Shore

Author: Sejal Mehta
Penguin Viking

“Sejal Mehta’s book opens up the rich and fascinating world of intertidal organisms to anyone with the inclination to pause and look at what a receding tide reveals. Day or night, this zone can thrill you with its inhabitants, be it an unexpected octopus on a Mumbai beach or the glowing plankton in the tidal pools of a rural coastline. There is much beauty, drama, and resilience in the beings of this zone, so diverse in form and function. A walk along the beach may never be the same again once you have read Superpowers on the Shore.”


Sindhu Radhakrishna

Professor, National Institute of Advanced Sciences

Radhika Timbadia

Proprietrix, Champaca

Vinatha Vishwanathan

Head, Bal Sahitya, Eklavya Foundation


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