Meghaa Gupta has been as author, editor, rights- and business-development manager working in Indian children’s publishing for over a decade. She firmly believes that all change begins with getting children to read books that demystify the world and its infinite possibilities. Meghaa is the author of the award-winning picture book A Home of Our Own (Tulika, 2018) that is part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Book Club, and has been working closely with the children’s imprint of Penguin Random House India to create a unique series of history books on Independent India. These books have been endorsed by Ramachandra Guha, Manu S. Pillai, Bittu Sahgal, Tripurdaman Singh, Disha Shetty and Ridhima Pandey, among others. The first book in this series Unearthed: An Environmental History of Independent India was published in 2020 and has been a critical and commercial success. The latest book in this series is After Midnight: A History of Independent IndiaIt was published in August 2022 and takes a look at the evolution of India across various spheres since independence. 

Meghaa’s brush with environmentalism began in 2013, when was commissioned by TERI to compile a guide on Environmental Courses and Careers for students in India. She has worked on various projects with WWF-India, designed a course on nature writing for children at the Azim Premji University and curated a one-of-its-kind youth section on dedicated to green literature for young readers.

She is currently pursuing a Masters in Environmental Humanities in the UK.