Children’s publishing is an increasingly important segment in Indian publishing. Over the last decade it has grown by leaps and bounds. The Green Lit List for Children seeks to recognise the best of children’s literature on the environmental theme. Instead of one or two books, it seeks to curate a definitive list that honours the vast diversity of titles in this space. From picture books to paperbacks, the list will cater to budding naturalists of every age. With over a decade of dedicated environmental education in schools and the emphasis on the environment in the curriculum as well as the ‘natural’ instinct in children, we’re sure this list will find takers everywhere.

Nomination Process

  1. Booksellers across the country are invited to nominate up to 20 books on this theme. Special emphasis is given to dedicated independent booksellers with a keen eye for good literature and a collection that includes books from a diverse range of publishers. The full list of participating booksellers will be announced once the longlist is ready.
  2. Entries include books published in the previous year (Note: for the inaugural edition we’re looking at books published over the last two years). Front lists are always a challenge for publishers, so the idea is to push new books into the limelight.
  3. The award encourages a diversity of reading choices – fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, picture books and chapter books that have an underlying environmental theme.
  4. Apart from lists based on sales, booksellers are also asked for recommendations, so the longlist is not merely indicative of how much a book is selling. Since the list is curated using inputs from a variety of booksellers, it’s also reflective of the exposure being given to children’s publishing.
  5. Based on the nominations, a long list will be curated and approved by a panel of three independent experts comprising librarians, environmentalists and educationists. Any additional suggestions by them will also be taken into consideration. The panel would be announced once the longlist is ready.
  6. A longlist of 15-20 books will be announced. The books will be purchased and sent to the 3-member jury. For the first year, the jury will comprise young environmental activists, who will finalise the winning list. An independent children’s book club host will be engaged to discuss the final list with the jury.
  7. The award will honour the top 10 books published on this theme for children. The listing will be alphabetical and not indicative of position.
  8. The winning authors and/or illustrators will be given a certificate and honorarium. Certificates will also be issued to the winning publishers.
  9. The list will be publicized on relevant social and mass media
  10. Book talks will be held in the ensuing weeks to discuss the winning books.

Experts  – To be announced soon

Jury  – To be announced soon

Book Club Host  – To be announced soon