What The Jury Said

Arunima Ghosh, 9 yrs, Student
Ragavan Balaji, 12 yrs, Student
Celesta Fernandes, 14 yrs, Student

Saahi Quest

An almost lyrical ode to the insect world from the eyes of a dragonfly. The soft illustrations mirror the delicate form of the insects.

Gravepyres school

An original and powerful story that fantasises human existence within the natural world.

Making friends with Snakes_children's Longlist

The comic format works well to talk about snakes while dispelling the fear around these reptiles.

A Tigress Called Machhli

Delightful tales of the animal kingdom and how humans and animals can co-exist in great harmony.

10 Indian Champions who are Fighting to Save the Planet

Much-needed stories of real-life role models who are working in conservation.